Tổng hợp những website tốt nhất để tham khảo học các ngôn ngữ lập trình.

Online Courses Programming Books (Free)
JavaScript Code Academy, Learn Street, Khan Academy, Code Combat, Code Avengers Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript Guide, Speaking JavaScript,JS The Right Way, Oh My JS
HTML & CSS Code Academy, Don’t Fear The Internet,Tutsplus, Learn Layout, Dash, Web Accessibility Mozilla, Dive into HTML5, 20 Things I Learned, HTML Dog,HTML & CSS, HTML5 for Designers, DOM Enlightenment
jQuery Code Academy, Tutsplus, Code School jQuery Fundamentals, Learn jQuery
Python Code Academy, Google, Learn Street,Python Tutor, IHeartPY Python for You and Me,  Dive into Python, Learn Python the Hard Way, Think Python, Python for Fun, Tango with Django,Django
Ruby Code Academy, TryRubyCode Learn,Railscasts, Rubymonk, Learn Street Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, Learn Ruby the Hard Way,Learn to Program
PHP Code Academy PHP Programming, Practical PHP
Google Apps Script Getting Started, Office Hours, Google Scripts Examples, Learning Apps Script
WordPress Treehouse, WordPress TV
Linux & Shell Scripting Stanford.edu, Explain Shell Conquer the Command Line
Node.js Nodetuts, Node School The Node Beginner Book, Mixu’s Node book, Node Up and Running, Mastering Node.js
Git (version control) Code School, Git Immersion, GitHub Training Pro Git, Learn Git
Objective-C (iOS & Mac) Code School, Stanford, iTunesU
Chrome Dev Tools Code School, Dev Tools Secret, Chrome Dev Tools Tutorial
Go Golang.org Programming in Go, Go by Example, Learning Go
Java Learn Java, Coding Bat Programming in Java, O’Reilly Learning Java, Think Java,Java & CS, Java for Python Devs
Android Coursera, The New Boston, Google University, App Development Essentials
D3 (data visualization) Data Visualization for the Web, Dashing D3, D3 Tips & Tricks
Everything Else Udacity, edX.org, Coursera, Udemy$, Lynda$, Pluralsight$, Treehouse$, Open Consortium

Chúc các bạn thành công.

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